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Responsibilities:Education District I

Ensuring effective administration and management of schools under the control of Education District I. The District performs the following functions:

  1. Conducting regular inspection and monitoring of Post-Primary Schools in the District and to ensure that regular reports of such Inspections are submitted to the Tutor-General/Permanent Secretary of the District.
  2. Investigating any allegations made to it on the activities of students and staff members by heads of Post-Primary Schools in the District or by The Tutor-General/Permanent Secretary or by the Disciplinary Committee or by any individual and to make reports of findings in respect of any investigation available to the Tutor-General/Permanent Secretary for necessary action.
  3. Dealing with all matters relating to appointment, confirmation of appointment, promotion, transfer, dismissal and discipline of all teaching and non-teaching staff in Post-Primary Schools in the District.
  4. Ensuring staff Development, Training and Welfare of Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff in Post-Primary Schools in the District.
  5. The functions of the Finance Department shall be to deal with all Accounting matters in the District and to organize and co-ordinate disbursement of the Finance of financial expenditure including salaries from the Ministry to Post-Primary Schools in the District.
  6. The functions of Schools Administration Department shall include:
  • Collating and preparing the schools under the control of the District for National and State Common Entrance Examination.
  • Dealing with matters relating to Junior Secondary School placement and students’ Transfer Proposals within the District.
  • Assisting in the co-ordination and conduct of Internal Examinations, JSCE and SSCE (WAEC and NECO) and in the implementation of special programmes in the District.
  • Providing to students in schools under the control of the District necessary Career Guidance Counselling Services, and
  • Researching and keeping necessary statistical records on relevant matters relating to management and administration of Schools, teaching and non-teaching staff of schools under the control of the District.



  • Coordinating activities of the other five departments .
  • Coordinating all students centered activities in all the Ninety-Nine Junior and Secondary Schools within the District.
  • Monitoring activities of schools on regular basis
  • Supervising Revenue Generation exercise with respect to use of school premises.
  • Supervising regular and periodic Audit of staff in the Headquarters, and Teachers in the school.
  • Ensuring that there is peace, discipline, and harmonious relationship within the District workforce.
  • Ensuring that all monies earmarked for various activities in the departments are well utilized.
  • Ensuring that there is proper maintenance of infrastructure within the office complex, and all schools.
  • Ensuring that all Government policies are followed to the letter.
  • Ensuring that up-to-date data on students, teachers, and other offices are maintained.
  • Attending to all state matters as at when due.
  • The Accounting Officer of Education District 1, Agege.

Special Duties

Coordinating all activities in all the Units under the TG/PS office and other assigned duties as directed by the TG/PS.

Press & Public Relations Office

  • Liaising with the Public
  • Giving effective Publicity to all the District activities
  • Preparing letters, presentation, & reports
  • Researching and presenting Internet Information
  • Coordinating ceremonial events
  • Providing information for publishing on the state website

Revenue Generation

  • In charge of use of schools for revenue generation for State Government
  • Processing of applications for use of school premises
  • Monitoring use of schools

Internal Audit

  • Pre and post auditing of payment vouchers
  • Verification of Assets
  • Reconciliation of cash and bank balances
  • Staff verification exercise
  • Variable cards auditing
  • Ensuring that salaries are well prepared and monitoring of HOP and DNP
  • Auditing of schools running cost
  • Auditing of revenue
  • Checking of vote book for accuracy of figures
  • Auditing of stores
  • Appraising of the control systems – both operational and otherwise


  • Coordinating each stage of the procurement process
  • Implementing procurement policies and procedures for the District in line with its overall objectives and strategies by initiating the procurement process.
  • Conducting market and statistical survey
  • Ensuring the effective and efficient development of bids
  • Ensuring the aggregation and categorization of all procurement request from all the departments/units in the district so as to ensure economic of scales.
  • Supervising development of tenders
  • Organizing community with bidders.
  • Evaluation of bids
  • Maintain frequent communication with Lagos State Public Procurement Agency on bid outcomes and recommendations
  • Ensuring that the suppliers, contractors, and consultants are paid on time.


Workforce Planning & Recruitment

  • Job evaluation
  • Job classification
  • Workforce planning
  • Recruitment
  • Selection
  • Appointment
  • Interns/NYSC/induction
  • Deployment
  • Transfers

Learning & Development

  • Appraisal
  • Promotion
  • Advancement
  • Conversion
  • Career development
  • Career planning
  • Training
  • Talent management
  • Confirmation of appointment

Employee Relations

  • Appeals
  • Discipline
  • Grievances
  • Whistle blowing
  • Sickness and medical
  • Leave/absence
  • Industrial relations
  • Workplace assessments
  • Health and safety
  • Staff welfare

HR Measures & Accountability

  • Exits
  • Pensions
  • Payroll verification
  • Salary reviews
  • Benefit/insurance
  • Gender and social inclusions
  • HRMIS/Oracle
  • Key performance indicators
  • Reporting
  • e-Registry
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Employee surveys

General Administration

  • In charge of general administration
  • Advising on general administrative matter
  • Preparing and approving minutes of admin meetings
  • Supervising and managing junior officers officers
  • Collating, sorting and analyzing data about admin processes
  • Preparing statutory and periodic reports
  • Taking responsibility for administrative development planning
  • Coordinating project management
  • Assisting in the formulation, execution and review of admin policies and processes
  • Setting of internal operating standard
  • Scheduling management task
  • Providing support for daily executive duties
  • Handling correspondence
  • Screening, monitoring, recording and tracking internal/external MDA correspondenc
  • Registry management
  • Preparing annual estimate of office expenditure
  • Provision of offices for all staffs
  • Ensuring a clean and secure office environment
  • Ensuring availability of adequate lighting, water, email, fax, computer etc
  • Ensuring availability of stationery and adequate photocopying service/facilities
  • Record of service
  • Mail management
  • Making submission and preparing draft letter on specific matters
  • Supervising and managing junior officers



  • Supervising WASSCE and BECE
  • Distribution of science materials (practical)


Coordinating of LASGEMS activities in schools

Guidance & Counselling

  • Orientation programme for new counselors
  • Career programme & seminar
  • Administration of all and aptitude test to JSS students
  • Leadership training programmes for prefect elects

Schools Support

  • Primary six placement & SS 1 placement
  • Screening test into SS III
  • Reports writing & secretariat

EMIS & EKO Project

  • Screening of School SIP
  • Monitoring of grant implementation in schools
  • Monitoring of teaching learning processing schools



  • Preparation of all payment vouchers
  • Upkeep of vote book.
  • Preparation of monthly revenue, expenditure, & returns to MEPB.
  • Posting of entries into vote book
  • Upkeep of payment vouchers

Financial Information System

  • Upload of all district transactions into Oracle data base
  • Electronic reconciliation for the release of monthly running cost.
  • Preparation of Payment vouchers for retired staff whose salary or other arreas were not paid before their retirement date.
  • Preparation of five years’ salary progression and last pay certificate

Central Pay Office

  • Writing of running cost, salaries, bulk release cheques.
  • Payment of running cost and salaries.
  • General Banking transactions involving cash movements
  • Check & pass of payment vouchers before payment.
  • Posting of running cost, salaries,
  • Revenue cash books and Eko Projects.
  • Reconciliation of all books of account
  • Monitoring of banking activities Investigation of reconciled items.


  • Preparation of variation computerization
  • Correction of errors emanating from first run (payroll)
  • Correction of salary errors (Bank, Bank name, Grade/level & step)
  • Preparation of promotion Arrears of staff, Treatment of DNP, HOP.
  • Preparation of payment vouchers for staff mistakenly off payroll
  • Preparation of payment vouchers for retired staff whose salary or other arrears was not paid
  • before their retirement date.
  • Preparation of five years’ salary progression and last pay certificate.


Science & Tech.

  • Handling science & Jet Exhibition (at Zonal, District & state level)
  • Festival of instructional materials.
  • Handling of competition in Science subject (Chemistry, Physics, Biology at Zones, District & state level)
  • Coordinating and organizing
  1. Mathematics competitions (Zonal, District & state level)
  2. Cowbell competitions (Zonal, District & state level)
  3. Jet Quiz competitions (Zonal, District & state level)
  4. Agricultural competitions

Sports /Health Mobilization Unit

  • Handling GTB/Principals cup football competitions (Zonal, District & state level)
  • Co-coordinating of inter-house house sports
  • Coordinating NNPC/SHELL football competitions

Vocational /Food Vendor /Competitions Unit

  • Supervising activities of vocational training skills acquisition in 3 zones
  • Handling activities in BRF Quiz competitions.
  • Annual Merit Award competitions.
  • Handling spelling Bee competitions (Zonal, District & state level)

Arts/ Music/Culture/Drama

  • Coordinating JAM FEAST competitions
  • Festival of arts & culture
  • Coordinating activities of uniformed/voluntary organization
  • Monitoring of NYSC corps members community project in schools